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One idiot coming right up; shipping retry; Netflix?

When this first happened I was very tempted to call Todd and talk to him about it since I know he'd listen and understand. Then I realized it was only 10:30 and he would probably be playing Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers Melee with his nephew before his nephew had to leave at 1. I decided it wasn't worth ruining that with a rant about something not all that important.

I normally don't think of anyone as an idiot. If the thought even crosses my brain I just discard it or firmly put it in its place. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and let them live their life however they want, regardless of what I think about it. Well, I'm about two seconds, figuratively, from calling someone an idiot. Perhaps I already have at this point.

(Note: Rant enlarged since originally posting without a cut)
While at the post office, somehow my sister worked into the conversation that so far I've had a new guy every six months. This quickly turned into her calling (gay) guys that have relationships and/or sex any more than that prostitutes. I don't think it's her place to judge them like that and I told her as much. Her reply is that she isn't judging them (She isn't?); Riiight, anyway.

She then bludgeoned me with the fact that I once vowed before I had even met Stephen to wait until I'm in a committed and well-established relationship until I have "anal intercourse" (her words). My comeback was that just because I trust people in a radically different way than she does doesn't mean they were any less committed. At that point in time I honestly thought I would be with them from then on and that any problems we had could be worked out.

She continued on the assault by trying to make me feel even more guilty for 'making' her read my LiveJournal just to know what is going on in my life and that she had to find out about all of my relationships through it.

We also briefly touched on the fact that she claims I don't listen to her, which got her a return of the exact same thing in spades. When she asked me to name two times when she hasn't listened to what I said, I named two:

1: When we're writing up a document on the computer and my brother or I make a suggestion (after she has asked us to help her out) she'll go off on a tangent in the middle of our suggestion and will ignore what we're telling her until after she has made the changes, and often times she has to erase everything she just changed.

2: On top of that, ever since my brother said he was going on a budget and allotted $400 a month ($100 a week) for groceries, she has been skimping on the grocery shopping. Before that she would get certain things every week, and, ever since then (like four or five weeks ago), she has only been getting exactly what we put on the list. She normally gets at least 3 Diet Mountain Dews every week plus one or two other sodas for myself; since then she hasn't and we told her not to stop getting them. A week ago my brother specifically asked for 10 Diet Mountain Dews so he could take them to work with him rather than get four or five $1.25 sodas during the day (Let's see... one or two $1 liters or four or five $1.25 20 ozs... Uhh, yeah). This week she apparently decided he didn't need any more since he had gotten ten of them last week and didn't get any, even though the pantry is empty of them now.

She is so wrapped up in her own world that she doesn't pay any attention to the world outside of her own. She has this idea of what the rest of the world is and won't see it any other way. She thinks everything has to be the exact way our parents taught us the bible says things should be. .... Yeah, she has definitely become the 'good' christian child our parents tried to raise all of us to be. This saddens me to see both of my sisters twisted like this to one degree or another.

Added 12:30pm: At one point in the conversation she said she knew I wasn't ready for a relationship. Do you want to know what she said when I asked why? Because I'm "only 19" (She's only three and a half years older than I am). I got on her about judging based on age and she further backed herself up by saying it's based on "scientifically proved facts". ... *face palm*

Despite all that, I think I did pretty good at the name calling. If I remember correctly, the most I said is that she's being judgemental and called her a stick in the mud. Oh well, I can deal. By the time I had gotten to the door I was already letting go of the entire ordeal.


I'm going to look into signing up for NetFlix pretty soon. I spent about ten to twenty dollars last month on rentals (nearly twice that for the two releases that were late by a day). The way I figure it, if I'm going to spend that much money on rentals then I might as well not have to worry about late fees and get a larger selection of movies while I'm at it.

I sent a message to the three people I bought my GameCube games from on asking if they could send them again now that I have that problem with the mail forwarding taken care of. I offered to cover the shipping cost again if they wanted.

I must get going now. I still have to take a shower and read nearly 90 pages of Othello before class in 7 hours. And I need to put my cloths in the dryer or I won't even have clean cloths.
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