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House full of kids; Bathroom homework

The house, or at least the main floor, is filled with kids. My sister is babysitting not only one friend's three kids, but apparently another kid as well. Yes, they are loud. Yes, they are energetic. Yes, they're acting like kids. At least they're in the dinning room at the moment so I can catch up on my morning activities (LJ, IK, Comics, etc) in relative peace.

Once I'm done here I'll take my math work up to my room or the bathroom. I've noticed that I'm forming a habit of doing a lot of my homework in the bathroom. I think one reason for this is because it's easier to get and keep the bathroom warmer than anywhere else in this house. I'm not like sitting on the toilet or in a tub of water doing the work, but naked on the floor reading or whatever. Yeah, I think it's cause it's so much warmer in there. (73 degrees anyone?)

Well, the kids have entered the living room. My sister has made it a democracy "Vote for which video you want to watch." >.> I'm outta here before it gets annoying.
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