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Can one be ready too early?

Getting ready early is the sux. I'm just saying, cause I'm ready to leave for Todd's already, and it's only 8am. I've actually been ready since 7am and he's not going to be here until 1pm. On the other hand, I would rather be ready and there half an hour early than five minutes late.

I have my desk completely cleared off. Most of it was just moved into the drawers, but the entire point of clearing the desk off was to keep little eyes and, in effect, little fingers off my stuff. I just hope they don't take it to mind to try getting on my computer. *note to self: lock local interface*

It's 9am now and I still haven't posted this. I'm actually getting kind of tired and sleepy now, so I may go up to my room and take a nap for an hour or two. After that I'll get a shower and make a call, then I should be off to Martin.

meh. Oh well.
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