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Bulleted thoughts

  • Trinity Re-Interpretations: I finally got the Yellow Trinity in Kingdom Hearts. Double Donald Fisting anyone? Not that Green Trinity couldn't be interpreted as Goofy Triple Bareback.
  • "On Air" Todd: I was trying to listen to a local radio station because one of Todd's assignments is to read the news on air. Up until one song before he was actually reading the news and weather they played non-stop "black" music. To better define "black" music (Not all music by black artists is like this, just the more annoying ones. I like Whitney Houston, among others), I mean the songs that go "my baby girl" or "your grill up in my girl" or "bump and grind nasty" or .... that kind of thing. It also includes songs that are ... slithery. I don't know how to describe that one better than that right now.
  • Netflix: I have 23 32 35 movies in my NetFlix queue. The top three, which are being sent today, are Cowboys & Angels, The Legend of Zorro, and Lemony Snicket: Unfortunate Events. Admittedly, 11 of the 35 "movies" are season discs for Battlestar Galactica (Season 1 and 2) and Firefly.
  • I've added Brokeback Mountain to my Netflix queue. It comes out April 4th.
  • There is a 27" Zenith TV for only $40 in the classified ads that I am tempted to buy. Our current TV is stuck on red hue and low contrast and brightness.
  • I was just told I look like Dominic Monaghan (from LOST). Interesting. :-P
  • I've been tempted to get a cat/kitten. I've been wanting one for a long time but never had the resources.
  • Todd now understands why I have been wanting to wait before claiming the title of boyfriends. To him it's a title, something of introductory stages (talking, seeing each other, etc), but to me it's more about the level of the relationship (committed, serious, etc).
  • We also have the same issue with Rings, but in reverse; he sees it as a sort of engagement thing, while to me it's something like the "boyfriend" thing I just described (committed, serious, token of the relationship, etc). This goes back to my first boyfriend, Casey, where he got me a ring (yes, so it was a mood ring, but I wore it for a long time. I liked to look at it and remind me of our relationship at various times)
  • Yes, we're still not "boyfriends", and we've been seeing each other for over three weeks now. Wow, seems longer. I can't seem to find where we decided on an "official" relationship date. Uh...
  • Last Tuesday Todd mentioned how he wanted to see the play Cats in Union City which his friend was in. Wednesday I called them up and bought a ticket for him for Saturday after his work; I only got one because I didn't think I would be there, and driving back down to pick me up for the play wouldn't have worked. I was going to save it until Friday, but I went ahead and showed it to him after we left Dyersburg. He was literally speechless.
  • Somehow he talked me into buying myself a second ticket and staying until Saturday. The play was pretty good and I enjoyed the time together seeing it.
  • We're working on the PDA (Public Displays of Affection) but that may be a while. We had a conversation last night that cleared that up for me, as our last couple of conversations about that left me confused as to where we stood on that.
  • This week I'll be going up there after class on Wednesday, back on Thursday with him visiting for a little while, and visiting again on Saturday and staying the night.
  • I just got my reimbursement check for my school loan at DSCC. Since the first half fully paid for all of my tuition and what-not, I got the full $876 this time.
  • I'm kind of torn on what to use it for. I've been wanting a laptop for ages, but I recently started giving some thought to spending it on a vehicle. I could always just save it for later.
  • If I spent it on a car, I'd have to get a job of at least 25 hours a month (at minimum wage, anyway) to pay for the insurance. I got a quote on Progressive and they said $127 a month or $700 every six months for decent coverage. (My sister is paying $160 a month for her car) Direct's online quote system was broken so I didn't bother. Gieco wants to know about everyone who lives in the house even if they're not going to be on my insurance or if their tickets have been dismissed; Screw you too (my sister has had at least five dismissed tickets in the last five years).
  • The classified paper has quite a few cars for under $1000. The one I have my eye on, though, is the '93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ("hi miles, runs, great cond."), largely because it doesn't look like a ghetto car and it is the same type my brother currently has so I know it's a decent car. If I did that I would need to get money from my brother and/or sister to pay for the insurance, tax, title, etc part, though, because they want $1,000 for it and I only have a little over that. If it looks good maybe I can talk them down a hundred or two.
  • My sister mentioned that the community college here might be looking for someone to update their website. I know certain sections of the student control panel are in need of maintenance (ie, they don't work or they're horribly lacking in usability features). She's going to talk to the person in charge of that kind of thing to see what all they're looking for and get back to me on it.
  • Short of that, I'm tempted to take an ad out in the classified paper for web programmer/designer work.
  • I need to redesign the Imperial Kingdoms interface. Less "spacey" themed, more "futuristic"/"militaristic" themed. I also want to redesign the join pages.

And I must be off to shower before class now.

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