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Supporting A Car Purchase

I just got back from class not more than 10 to 15 minutes ago. The funny thing is that class was over at 6:25 on the dot.

I spent the first half an hour waiting at door for my ride, which happens to be my sister, to show up. After that I spent the next forty-five minutes in the computer lab waiting for her after sending her a text message reminding her to pick me up.

Yes, folks, that's right; I waited for over an hour from a schedule that repeats every Monday and Wednesday every week. We've been doing this for something like two months now and nearly every week she asks me what time my class starts/ends.

Earlier I was discarding the idea of using the money I just got on a car since I thought my only reason for really wanting it was to visit Todd. Well, I seem to be mistaken, as this evening clearly pointed out. Not only was she an hour late picking me up, but I called her at 4:50 to find out where she was, as she was supposed to pick me up at 4:30, only to find out she totally forgot. She had to have her fellow PTK officer interrupt his workout session just to pick me up because she had loaned her car to her friend and her friend's cell phone was dead.

I'll be having that talk with my brother as soon as he gets home about the possibility of loaning up to 300 or 500 for a few months and his assistance in looking for a decent car.


I still have to write my test essay that's due for English class tomorrow night. I really don't feel like it now but I know I have to.
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