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Dream Story: If you could change the present by clues from the future...

There is nothing quite like being able to glance into the future and changing it. For some reason, tonight's dream revolved around just that. I couldn't actually see the future but along the way I was given clues by someone who had or had already experienced it (time travel).

It started off with meeting a stranger who looked very much like my oldest sister except for a few minor differences. I didn't actually realize this at first until my mom remarked about her looking in the mirror about something (The dream said what, I just don't remember already).

She then told me about something that would happen to my brother (it didn't specify what) and I had to stop it. Apparently he drove a truck and she was his mechanic. Something happened that made me realize she was acting like she didn't know anything, to which she said something about the clausality of the time line. Once we actually got to my brother's truck I watched as she took the inside apart looking for the problem; every time the break pedal was pressed fluid would squirt out, which was very bad. She never actually found the problem, I think, but the dream went on anyway.

From here I went back to the house. My oldest sister said my friend Jared would need my help soon to prove his virginity. I had no idea how I was going to do that since I barely knew the guy. I wandered the house, seeing the changes (several walls were turned into doors and virtually every room had a door into the adjacent rooms. It made for a strange living arrangement, especially for having three kids running all over the house; I do not know whose kids those were). While gathering cloths to take a shower I received a message that gave me clues as to what would help exaunerate him (I won't go into those details because they really are real to this person).

That is about all I can remember of the dream. I think there was a little bit between the three parts I outlineed here but I cannot seem to recall them. I wish I could remember more or even continue the dream. Maybe some other day, because that was one very odd dream.
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