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CPU back down to tolerable levels; No food for us

My brother and I took my computer down stairs to the compressor and cleaned out virtually all the dust (even the stuff clinging to the back of PCI cards). I brought it back up and checked out the temperature upon start up in the BIOS and it read a very nice 45-50°C, as compared to the 60°C it used to show in the BIOS upon just starting up. I got into Linux and watched the temperature hover between 53°C and 58°C while idling. I started up a couple of programs and was satisfied to see it go no more than 63°C while doing so. I then started a CPU hogging program (~100% CPU usage according to top) to see how high the temperature would climb; it went as high as 67°C, give or take a couple of degrees.

As I'm writing this it is hovering between 60°C and 63°C (I have music playing in Amarok, Thunderbird sitting in the background, and a couple of other minor programs). This is much better than the idling temperature of 62°C and 100% activity temperature of 70°C+ (upward of 75°C and shutting off).

My sister went shopping today (she was going to go two days ago...) and came home without getting half the stuff we normally eat in a week, while the $6 almonds she got could have paid for two or three of the items we did ask for. We're completely out of cereal (that's usually for me) and chili (that's usually for my brother). If she's going to buy a bunch of items that need fixed (the beef stew, chicken tenders, etc) then she needs to fix them, otherwise she needs to get the easy-to-fix box/bag food that we do ask for. I think she's trying to force us to "eat healthier" by not buying the food she thinks is unhealthy, yet she doesn't eat the healthy food she gets for herself (she has thrown out at least half of three lean cuisine meals and those are rather expensive!).

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