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'Enabling' my sister; "O Pioneers!"

I think I might have made a mistake this morning.

Last night my sister looked online and somehow a check was returned. That's a $20 fee from her bank and a $25-50 fee from wherever it bounced, in addition to whatever it was, which the statement didn't indicate.
She asked me how soon I was looking to get that vehicle and I said probably two weeks for my birth certificate to get here and me to change my license over and what-not. She then asked if she could borrow a hundred dollars and pay it back in two weeks.

This morning (at 6:30) we drove to my bank and I withdrew $160 (I was going to make it $150, but it wanted only multiples of $20, so...). I told her it was only to be used to cover outstanding checks and real emergencies, not like clothes shopping sprees. I figured she already knew not to spend it on the shopping sprees but I used it as an example (and told her as much).

I'm kind of wary if that money will actually make it back in two weeks since I gave her so much more than she needed. If not it'll probably take three or four weeks. I don't doubt that I'll get it back; I know where she lives ;), only how long. I'm also wondering if I simply 'enabled' her.

Oh well.

I have to read this book called "O Pioneers!" (It's a 1913 fictional "Masterpiece" about farming in Nebraska during the 19th century) for class tonight. Eventually I'll need to do research into farming methods for the research paper we have due there as well. My, what a boring topic. Farming. Oh well, gotta do what'ca gotta do. bleh and double bleh

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