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Building up a Wide Spectrum of Thoughts

I wandered upon this entry on someones blog the other day. It has me re-evaluating the whole "PDA" thing. I know I have a history of making a relationship into a dependence thing (whether for emotional or monetary reasons) and I really don't want to do that again.

Is it really the private vs public world? Do things always have to stay in one or the other, or can they mingle? Do public displays of affection really mean dependence/co-dependence, and is that a bad thing?

There are two reasons why someone finds something offensive:
1. They are the one that has the problem but don't want to admit it.
2. They're being overly protective of something or someone.
I think there was a third one I thought of but can't remember what it was. Anyone care to give a situation where someone finds something offensive that doesn't fall into one of these two categories?

Ok, what the heck is wrong with the word "gauge"? Every time I use it the spell checker keeps thinking I'm wrong or something. Uh, isn't that the correct spelling for something that is used to determine the value of a otherwise imprecise or undetermined item (like an air pressure gauge)?

That... was odd. My sister came home Wednesday night and complained about some guy who did ten seconds faster than her on all of the track activities. It suddenly went to a lot more than just track (life, etc) and she started crying. I went over (it seemed like the appropriate thing) and let her cry on my lap/stomach then we talked about her issues.

I have revised my opinion; I don't want a kid right now.

Everyone agrees; I can't have what I want. Apparently I have to settle for whatever I can get and stop thinking about anything better. It's the only way to live.

The other day (Wednesday) I got a hair cut right before class. I rushed home and rinsed out my hair to get rid of the loose hair. I put my glasses down next to me next to the tub (we have a hose shower head) and reminded myself not to step on them. Promptly after getting up and drying my hair with a towel I went to leave the bathroom and stepped on my glasses. The frame bent and one of the lenses popped out. I took my mini screwdriver with me to class and spent the first five minutes of class getting it working again.

While at Todd's last week I played DDR on his PS2. He originally had ~53,000 points and by the time I was done he had around 98,000. That's about four hours of play right there. Most of my scores (grades) were C to A and the rest were complete failures (F, or whatever the lowest grade is). This was on Beginner/Light (4 steps and under).

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