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Emptying the lint catcher

The more individuals in a group the lower their collective intelligence.

I have become the new alarm clock. Todd slept through his first class Monday and almost through his second one. Since then I've called him half an hour before his classes yesterday and today to make sure he's up. Um....

Well, that is in the mail finally. I went to Wal-Mart this morning and got a money order, a gallon of milk, and $15 of gas in my sister's car. The money order is going out to the Virginia State Health Department to get a couple of copies of my birth certificate. I'm going to mail one of them down to my parents so they can hold onto it in case I lose this one, something happens to me, or whatever. I would give it to my brother but, since we live in the same house, anything that happens to me here that takes out my copy would probably take out his copy as well.

Now this is what I call nifty: 4D scroll ball mouse. The trackball not only serves as both a scroll ball up, down, left, and right but can also be switched to a regular trackball mouse.

I was trying to scroll a very big image in the browser when the desire for one of these hit me. They're only ten to twenty dollars so I'll probably get one.

I seem to be five, ten, and fifteen-ing the money I have earmarked for a car away. I'm down over 160 already just from little things under $20 (and one $60 of cloths; two shirts and two pants. I needed those believe it or not; four sets of cloths do not make a wardrobe).

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