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Can't MySpace ever get something right?

I know I complain about MySpace a lot, but then that's because it's popular and I tend to use it since technotoddyboi uses it. Well anyway, new complaint that has been bugging me.

When someone gives you a link to their profile, you get to view it and oogle at it. When you click on their picture it redirects you to the login page. Fine, whatever. Makes sense. You fill in your details (ooh, look, a "remember me" check box. Wait, didn't I have that filled out last time too?) and click "log in" ... logging in. Oh, it took me to the front page. Wait, wasn't I just trying to visit someone's picture page? *back back click* Ahhh... yes.

It's called a redirect you idiots. Everyone except you has heard of it. Get with the program.

That has gotten me curious about something. I know they recently introduced the video feature, but when was the last time they improved or fixed a non-critical bug on their existing features? I can't remember...

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