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Too much application prep work

I just filled out and submitted my application to UT-Martin online. I made the same 'exceptions' on the online one that I would have made on the paper one. I needed to get it done online because I don't have the time to wait for it to get mailed in, I think. Google's Summer of Code thing application opening date is tomorrow (today, the first) and ends next Monday (the eighth). I need to have proof of attendance or acceptance to one school or another in order to even consider applying.

Tomorrow I need to call my parents again to get some more information for the FAFSA. It wants to know how much money they have in cash on hand. Why they need to know this since my parents aren't supporting me anyway is beyond me. Just know that if I couldn't qualify for any financial aid last year, know I definitely won't qualify for any this year. My parents actually made more money this year than they did last year, and of course they ended up owing taxes as well.

Also tomorrow I get to fax RPCC to get a copy of my transcript and the syllabus for all of my classes to prove they're "creditable". I also need to have DSCC send a copy of my transcript as soon as possible. On top of that, I need to fax a request for my GED sent off as well. Great gadzooks, huh?

They probably won't get me accepted in time anyway. I should just start looking into a job at Nucor instead and save myself the effort. Ah, well, one thing at a time. Nucor can at least wait a week or two, and if not then I suppose I'll just have the summer all to myself and Imperial Kingdoms. >.>
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