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Birth Certificate Mayhem

I'm not sure if I posted about this, but a few weeks I sent off for a copy of my birth certificate so I could get my license changed over to Tennessee finally. Well, they sent it back saying they didn't have it and to contact Louisiana.

I went ahead and called the Virginia Department of Vital Records about my birth certificate. They said that even though it was filed in Virginia that it would be in Louisiana since that is where I was born. I went ahead and filed a request for my birth certificate from Louisiana. It's more expensive in Louisiana (like, $13 shipping and $15 for each of the actual birth certificate, where as Virginia was a flat fee of $12 for each birth certificate).

Wanna here something great? The "department of records" in Louisiana is in New Orleans, and they may not be able to fulfill any requests. Something else that's likely to bite me in the butt; while filling out the form for Louisiana I noticed it said, paraphrasing, "If your certificate was filed in another state you will need to contact them." Uh, riiight.
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