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Well, just about every VFAT partition on my desktop computer's hard drive has been corrupted. That's something like 90% of it that is now worthless until I get around to reformatting it. I've already completely obliterated the Windows 98 SE partition. Everything I have tried to salvage off of their has been worthless, and everything that was on the secondary VFAT partition has also been corrupted. The only thing left to do is reformat them as ext3 and just be done with it. I'm tired of Windows and VFAT screwing up my system and files. NTFS wouldn't be much better since Linux still can't reliably read and write it.

My brother had once told me about Reiser file system so I decided to check it out on Wikipedia. While there I noticed the ZTS file system. It's a nifty file system made by Sun that has virtually no limits compared to today's file and operating systems. On the other hand, Sun hasn't gotten it ported to Linux yet.

Ahh, bah. Sleep over takes me. It is 2am. >.> Tomorrow.
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