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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
So stupid - when I screw up, I really screw up
I feel so stupid and absolutely worthless now. The laptop cd/dvd drive caddy came in today. The actual cd/dvd drive came in Wednesday and the first thing I noticed is that it doesn't have a faceplate. The caddy doesn't include a faceplate either, nor does it include the screws. In essence, I have a drive and caddy but no faceplate or screws. I can put it in the laptop but not very securely.

It looks like the drive faceplate / bezel is going to be at least another $10 to $20 (including shipping). At this point I would have been better off buying the cd/dvd drive that came with the caddy, faceplate, and screws.

On top of all that, while taking apart my brother's computer I noticed it already had a wireless PCMCIA (cardbus) card in it; I could have used that one and saved myself the $25 - $30 for a new one.

*sigh* x.x

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