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I think my head has been screwed with.

I just dreamed about Scott and my mom down in Louisiana. And Imperial Kingdoms / Xenocide 3001.

I feel really nostalgic now. I miss him. Again. :-\

I also went downstairs real quick and there was a note on the board from my brother about putting cloths in the dryer when you take them out of the washer. Something about "if you have time to [un?]load the washer then you have time to load the dryer." Last night right after he had gotten home while he was downstairs I realized that I hadn't turned the dryer on for his clothes when I put mine in the washer. I honestly thought I had turner the dryer on before putting mine in the washer but apparently I hadn't. I write "I'm sorry!" and as much on the board then considered calling him personally to apologize since it was only ... what, ten minutes to six and he shouldn't be at work quite yet anyway.

Then I realized it was only five or ten minutes until six and he shouldn't have even left for work yet, but he wasn't out and about. Then I remembered the electricity had gone out for half a second around 2, 3, or 4. I remembered it because I was up to pee and had just gotten back in bed when my laptop screen light dimmed and re-lit back up. I also remembered because my radio stopped yammering but, oddly enough, the alarm didn't lose electricity. I checked the carport and my brother's car was there and his room was dark. I didn't think it was a holiday, and I doubted he didn't work on Friday, so I decided and hoped he wouldn't mind a quick knock to find out what was up. As it turned out his alarm had lost electricity and was currently blinking 3:44 (or was it 2:44?).

Once he was up I apologized for the laundry. He then told me that both my cloths and his were on top of the washer and dryer, wet. It clicked because my sister had said she had his old navy work uniform in the washer and dryer before wearing them to a costume party last night.

Update 2006-05-12 06:32 CST: My sister has woken up and ventured downstairs. She is now causing drama with our brother about it. *wince*
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