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CPU ... without paste?

Computer CPUs are supposed to have some sort of paste between it and the heatsink/fan, right?

Umm, for some reason the CPU in my laptop doesn't have any on it. This is leading me to wonder if that's how it is supposed to do, or something cleaned the thing off? It does tend to get a bit hot and I think the video card has a tendency to freeze up when it gets too hot, but should I order some of that paste-y stuff?? (Oh, I do not look forward to taking it apart a... waiiiit, I probably wouldn't have to do everything I did this time again, now that I know what I'm doing. heh)

Edit to update: I took the fan off the CPU again to make sure it didn't have a thermal pad (or whatever) on it instead, and it doesn't. I guess they figured they made a perfect CPU (hah!) so it wouldn't need any thermal paste. It has like... a smudge of ... something ... on a few of areas, but hardly enough to be adequate. Definitely need to put some on it.
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