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tentatively allotted funds; English symbol semantics; uncomfortable wrist

Is it bad that I already have tentative plans for more than half of the money I'll be getting through the Summer of Code program?

On a side note, I've taken a liking to putting the dollar sign after the amount. It makes more sense to read it like that.

Ack, my right wrist is seriously annoying me right now. It's not in pain, but it feels very uncomfortable. I should give it a rest but I really don't have the time for that. I may need to look into an "ergonomic" keyboard like my brother was telling me he recently got at work. He says he has one of those keyboards that are cupped with a slightly different layout. While I'm at it I could also see about a Dvorak-style layout; maybe even one of those custom layouts where the programming keys are more accessible. Either way, this is going to seriously hamper my coding ability. *frowns*
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