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Birthdays.... why they don't work for me

I've never given much thought to my birthday (ok, maybe before I turned 9 or whatever but that's before I realized it didn't make any difference) so when people ask me what I want or want to do for my birthday, I have absolutely no idea how to respond.

I can think of a few things I would like but I don't know anyone who could afford them. I would like to get a real gaming PC some day (there are some very specific specs for this so if you don't know what you're doing I advise you not to try to get this without some assistance). I would also like to get a Nintendo DS and, whenever it decides to come out, a Wii (that's actually the first time I typed its new name... shows how much I talk about it). Some games for the above mentioned systems would also be very nice (Mario Party 5 would be a good starter, even if it is for GameCube. Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing would be good for the Nintendo DS). But no, these kinds of things aren't for me. No one gives presents to virtually random strangers and I don't really know anyone better than as just acquaintances. Even if I did I would probably feel like I'm mooching off them.

There are a few smaller items that I've been wanting but they're so small. The only reason I don't have them already is because I've been too lazy to go find them. The audio jack male-male cable, for one. I could use some new speakers ($15-$30 is all I'm looking for). I also still haven't gotten that Blue Hair Dye (funds got low suddenly so it got pushed back). Then there is also an item I've been thinking about but it just isn't one of those items people get for you... Like sisters (hi Esther).

As for places to go or things to do... well, I rarely get out of the house cause I just don't have the interest or motivation to go places or do things. It might help if I had someone to see or do things with, but that's a self-defeating wish (you can't meet someone if you don't go out, and...), I wouldn't mind going bowling occasionally (haven't really been in the mood, but I guess I could go if someone else wants to). I don't mind skating either even if my skates aren't the greatest; the only problem is every I know has weak ankles or knees and can't skate more than ten or fifteen minutes before they're ready to call it quits. Video games and computers (gaming or programming) are my main passions, but most people don't share those interests even enough to do it once in a while, so there's no point in asking.

None of the people I know talk to each other so getting them to pool their resources is ... very unlikely... not without making it seem like I'm demanding or controlling or the one behind the entire thing.
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