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Various one-liner thoughts

Why do all Linux distributions insist on using a different icon for common programs? For example, my Kubuntu installation thinks it's the grandest to use a generic brown envelope as the Thunderbird icon instead of the default Thunderbird one. If I were using the Kubuntu package for Firefox I have no doubt it wouldn't use the default Firefox icon.

There's something very nice about a simple block of cheese or even cheese and crackers.

I got a message from my bank a few days ago that I was mildly pleased to learn of. Apparently my bank now has real time online updates. Wow. :-P

The first thing I'm spending any money on is an eye doctor appointment and a new pair of glasses (I'll see about contacts if they're not too much).

Kubuntu Dapper forced me to upgrade my development machine to MySQL 5.0. I wonder how this will impact my scripts; so far no adverse affects.

I'm being a very bad SoC student; I've barely touched my project >.> I feel bad about it too.

Wow, what a difference something as simple as "-dpi 86" makes. I've been bashing my head against the wall with font sizes on my laptop when VNCing to the desktop system and, well... I must say, the font looks much better now that I've set the laptop's Dots Per Inch correctly (To find out what the correct DPI is I had to use Firefox's font measuring window... funny that).

It has been quite a while since I've stayed up past six in the morning. I really shouldn't have but I thought I might be able to get some more SoC stuff done. No luck. Well, I did, but not enough. :-\

I'm off to crash for a few hours before the Gallery meeting at noon (CDT).
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