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Oh my word, where did that dream come from?

Oh my word, where did that dream come from?

I was in the audience near the front of a poker tournament with some "friends" (?), except I wasn't playing. The next thing I know the lady beside me moved a triangular breathing mask cloth on face. I looked up at the tournament tables just as a bell sounded and noticed some of the people at the table doing the same thing. At the sound of the bell the people at the tournament tables got up and went to sit in the audience. Next a man was in the middle aisle and some people in the audience were raising their hands and standing. The man pointed at about a dozen or two people who were standing or raising their hand and they left the back of the building.

I decided to move near the middle of the audience since I wanted to 'doze off'. I found a bench seat with only one person on it, a guy. He looked familiar but I couldn't place his face. He said hey and we chatted for a moment about having to go to the bathroom disqualifying people (this is apparently what happens if you left the tournament room and weren't picked). He asked if I recognized him and I'm like "You look really familiar but for the life of me I can't place you." he said his name was erik and I went "Wait, the library?" to which he nodded.

There was a little bit of room on the bench between us so I bent over and laid my head on the bench toward him and started to rest for a bit. Laying down I was only a few inches from his lap. He reached over and lifted my head up. I was resistant at first because I didn't know what he wanted, but then he started scooting over to sit where my head was. He then lightly pushed me back down to lay my head on his lap. For some reason I thought "Yeah, what any man wants; their penis in my face" but that attitude didn't carry on. I was absolutely elated that this guy was doing this. This guy I knew from the library and always wanted to start something up with was initiating something with me.

It was at that point I decided I really didn't want to go there. I decided that was enough of that dream and willed myself to wake up, which I did. See, the odd thing is that, for those of you around at the time, the guy from the library was not named Erik; he was NIcholas. I don't know an Erik. I also somehow knew "Eric" was 27, but the Nicholas I knew from the library was somewhere between 21 and 25 I think. So this guy was older and more refined, but still looked quite similar.

I'm going to get some food and try to forget this dream.
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