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Once again the idiots over at Slashdot have devolved into stupidity. Someone posted a question about the use of interpreted vs native languages in the industry today, asking what their thoughts on the subject were. The first three or more pages (of something like 50 or 100 comments each page) are nothing but people bickering with each other about spelling and grammar which somehow devolved even further to name-calling Americans and other unpleasantries that have nothing to do with the original post/question.

Some 150-300 comments later there was a post that had something to do with the original question, but said nothing of importance except to serve as flame bait... which it did quite well. The next page or two of comments (I didn't read any more than that) devolved into "Native!" vs "Interpreted!" vs "Right tool for the right job!" or "Native <> Interpreted" ... None of them used any decent arguments to back up their claims other than their personal job experience, which was far and varied. They also came back with retorts like "You're using good server equipment -- of course interpreted works for you. Try doing it with 1 meg" ... Uh, excuse me? Even the DS Lite has more than 1 meg of memory if I recall correctly. Any system that has less than a meg of memory needs an upgrade first.

I guess the thing to be taken out of this is that anything will work for anyone given the right circumstances. And don't ask Slashdot about anything important; they'll just bicker over something trivial or unrelated.
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