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Power Outage

As I write this the electricity has gone out. I was upstairs on the laptop when it went out. I saw a flash from the window and figured a transformer went out. I brought the laptop downstairs, lit a candle, and then brought them into the dinning room. I was looking out the window in the direction of the flash, but the neighbor's houses are in the way down here. I noticed a car drive by the street in the other direction and thought it funny there were red and blue lights being reflected as well.

It was at this point I realized there was actually something going on out there. I walked down to the street corner to get the houses out of the way and, sure enough, there was a firetruck and police car at the other end of the other street. Apparently a car hit an electricity pole and knocked out the power for the neighborhood directly around it. I say this because the cafe further down the street still had electricity to its sign but none of the houses in the area have the faintest light in them (although that could be due to it being 3:30 / 4:00 in the morning here.

Update: My sister invited me to go bowling with her and hopefully some of her friends. At about 3:30 pm the electricity still hadn't come back on so my sister and I decided to head for the bowling alley a little early to get out of the house (it was starting to get a little warm, and without the electricity there was a limited number of things I could do that I really needed to do anyway). We found out after we got back that the electricity had come back on about an hour after we left, 4:30pm. That means the electricity was out for over 12 hours. Interesting.
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