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NetFlix News

I sent back the first three discs of the first season of Battlestar Galactica on Monday. I still hadn't watched them but by this point I figured I'll just get them again when I actually feel like watching them. I rearranged my list so the rest of the discs wouldn't be sent next and put those three discs back in the queue. I had them for about a month.

One of the next DVDs came today, a gay flick called "I Think I Do". I opened the envelope without creasing the second tear so it tore half the adhesive closing flap. I'll just put some tape on that before sending it back. The sad thing is that once I got it out of the envelope and white sleeve I realized the DVD is split from middle to edge. That's the first one out of like 20+ that has been permanently damaged. I've already filed a claim and will get it back out first thing tomorrow.

More stuff later.
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