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Shooting myself in the leg, multiple times

Well folks, it seems I have managed to shoot myself in the leg really good this time, multiple times. I just read an announcement from the Summer of Code people about the upcoming mid-term evaluation. I was under the impression, from a participant of last year's summer of code, that if you didn't have enough done by midterm it would simply by held until the end. It seems I was horribly mistaken.

Mid-term payments will be made based on the recommendation of your
mentor, specifically whether s/he feels you have made sufficient
progress on your project goals to date. To be clear, you do not need
to be "half-way" done for your mentor to give you a positive
evlaluation. However, if your mentor does not feel you've made
sufficient progress on your project, you will be dropped from the
program and no further payments will be issued to you.

Mid-term evaluations are on the 25th / 26th. That's less than 4 - 5 days from now. I am so screwed. *wince*
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