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"LJFind" vs LJSeek

I'm probably going to get a few hate-buddies pretty soon. :-)

I've noticed that a lot of people have let themselves get duped into the whole "ljfind" thing, thinking that it's the first, only, and/or best thing out there. Actually, LiveJournal has been officially linking to a journal searcher for quite some time, although they never spammed it to their users. If you go to your user info page and click on the little magnifying glass just below the LiveJournal header it will take you to a search page and a site called ljseek. Now, ljseek has been around a lot longer than "ljfind", is more refined, and actually respects the noindex/nofollow/noarchive tags already implemented by LiveJournal that most standard search engines respect as well. "ljfind", on the other hand, does not respect any of those tags and goes directly for your data. They expect users to get offended and/or notice that they are mining your data first and then ask them to remove it before they do anything, instead of respecting the guidelines for this.

On top of all that, they do a very good job of insinuating and masquerading that they're affiliated with LiveJournal when they're not.

Still can't find ljseek? Change "example" to your username and visit this link:
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