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Mid-term payment delay ... again.

The Summer of Code's mid-term evaluations were originally supposed to be from June 27th to July 5th. Google didn't get the mid-term evaluation form ready until something like the 30th so they extended the deadline to the 10th of July. I just found out yesterday that they extended the deadline once again for some reason to the 17th of July. It takes at least a week, probably closer to two or three weeks, for payments to be made out, sent, and received.

This means I won't be getting the second check, the one for 2000$ and the one I intended to spend on getting a car, until the end of July. It will probably take a week or two to get a decent car and insurance. I still have to plan the trip itself, except I can't do much of that until I have a concrete availability date. All in all, it looks like my road trip won't be until the middle of August.

*sighs and waits*

Update: Woo! Yeah! Apparently they took a hint and decided to go ahead and forward all of the students who have passed the midterm evaluation to the payment processor instead of waiting until the 17th for the rest of the evaluations.
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