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Tagged file system?

Why not make a file system where each file is given a root tag (e.g. the name of the program or person it belongs to) and then as many optional tags as the user wants (e.g. image, document, etc). The file system could then be displayed using a list of root tags and common tag filters defined by the user or program. You could also make auto-tag features where programs are automatically given a tag of 'executable' or 'program', images are given a tag of 'image' and optionally the type of image, etc.

This would make it very easy for users to select the root of a program and see all files related to it under descriptive tags, or select a tag and see all of the root tags with files that use that tag.

Why not? Sounds like it would make a good alternate file system. (And for those of you who are already crying about losing compatibility with existing systems, just have it default to to /root-tag/optional-tag/optional-tag/file)

I personally like Macintosh's ability to make programs look like one file/folder that gets executed in the system, and if you want to delete the program just delete the one file and you're done. None of this spraying itself all over the system. But I wouldn't trade anything for Macintosh's 'fancy' graphics or overpriced computers. No thanks. I just think we could learn a few things from them.
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