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It's been how long?? Wow... Misc stuff.

It has been over four days since I've last posted. Wow. I just haven't felt like taking the time to actually write down what I would say. That and I've been fairly busy with other things so I excused myself from writing entries to do those things.

A recent entry by nakednerd that I agree with: Editorial Cartoon. I wouldn't say it in quite those words, but the sentiment is about the same. No and absolutely no. I write what I write. You write what you write. Now leave me alone.

It seems like every other time I go to take a shower, there is at least one hair embedded into the bar of soap.

My speakers have officially gone out. A couple of days ago if I turned them up too much they just went off until I turned it back down. Yesterday and today, though, as soon as I turn them on the green power light immediately goes back out. Yet another thing I need to buy.

I have less than two days to cancel my Netflix account or get the money to pay for it into my bank account. I don't see the money getting into the bank tomorrow so I'm just going to have to cancel it.

In the mail today was a letter from the Tennessee Department of Solutions (a.k.a. Appeals). I'm not eligible for reimbursement because it has been more than thirty days since I paid for the service (and yet in the next three bullet points it says "from the time you realize there was a problem", which was the very day I filed the appeal). Oh well, 250$ I hadn't really expected to get back, but definitely would have been nice to. My sister has advised me to appeal the appeal, which I am now doing. I'm to expect a call back in the next half an hour or some time Monday regarding the issue.

Since college isn't going to finance itself I'm very tempted to skip college this Fall and spend the money on other things. Like an apartment in a larger city. I hear one-bedroom apartments are less than 500$ a month in some places. I think I could swing it for a few months. A roommate would cut that in half, but I don't know that I want to go that route. I just won't get the money to do that until like October (which is why college is very unlikely at this point; no finances to cover the difference between loans and total cost). I'll have to start working on contract leads, too.

LiveJournal finally took the hint and implemented a way to hide the embedded videos completely until clicked on (for those of you who couldn't figure out how to just use a lj-cut, or refused to). I'm a happy camper again.

I must finish getting ready for my physical therapy appointment now. I'll write more about that next time.
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