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No, No, No, No, and more.

No one believes me. No one thinks I can do anything on my own. No one 'advises' me and expects me to make my own choice; I get told what to do and expected to do it.

No wonder I feel like I haven't aged a day past 18.

I finally let the cat out of the bag and told my brother and sister I have been considering moving to a larger city this fall or some time very soon after that. I told them I would be able to live relatively well off for a couple of months with just my last summer payment of two-thousand. They were very quick to debunk that, claiming that would get one month but not enough for two. Assuming 500$ for an apartment, another 500$ for the apartment security deposit, they then went on to add 100$ for utilities, 100$ for the utility security deposit, and another 100$ for food (1,300$). There were a couple of other things they threw in there that ran it up to 1,400$ for just the first month. They then said that with just rent, utilities, and food it would cost 700$ for the second month (to which my sister said "you obviously don't have"). Bah.

College just isn't feasible for me right now. I only have the money to go if I don't get a car and instead use my sister's car. That alone will cause a lot of stress and lock both of us into schedules that neither of us want. It would let me get to class but it wouldn't let me do things after class with or any other activity. Even if I do that the problem is that it will only cover one or two semesters and I'm back where I started, along with 3,500$ more in debt. I would rather use the money I have to seed longer-term plans than barely making it through one or two semesters. And just because I'm against going right now doesn't mean I can't go at some other point. Don't mistake that. And don't say that if I don't keep going to college I'll never go back, cause that's not true either; I went to RPCC for a year and then a year and a half later went to DSCC, so going back to college when I have the means won't be a problem.

And yeah, I know I'm going to get told I'm wrong.
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