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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
No sleep, but I'm off anyway.
It's 1am and I need to be up and ready to leave in less than 7 hours. The plus side is that I'm already packed and I think I have everything I might want. I packed all of my decent clothes, just in case I get stuck down there for a while. I also loaded my laptop with a copy of several of my development environments so I can do a little work while I'm off. I may leech a little bandwidth from my parents, but we'll see.

I also see that not a single one of you has made the slightest response to my last post about hanging out. I know for a fact there are three people on my reading list who live in Louisiana, yet none of them are interested. I see how it is.

On another note, if anyone needs to get in touch with me, romeohotel has my cell number. Either he'll let me know you need me, or whatever.

Here's to hoping the car purchase goes as planned and that I don't get stuck down there. It's in the wrong direction to get stuck.

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