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Hmm, guess what?

Guess what (Yeah, I don't like that game so I'm not going to play it). I went over to the towing guy to talk about the car and what options I had in mind. I told him that I had taken it to a mechanic the day before and had it checked out. The mechanic had said all the struts needed replaced (front two are leaking oil, and the back two are wearing out / one is really bad), and a few other items. The struts alone would be 500$ if I had someone else do it. Well, I told him that I liked the car but getting that work done was outside of my range. He then looked up the worth of the car and saw that "low retail" was 1,800$, so he said he would sell it to me for that.

And I bought it. I am now the owner (I'll get back to you on that "proud" thing) of a maroon 1992 Toyota Camry, complete with power windows and locks and automatic transmission. I'll need to buy the struts and various other parts (oil filter, oil, etc) tomorrow or Thursday and work on it this weekend with my dad.

I'm hoping to have it fixed up by next week and get on the road. If I can't get everything done this weekend then I'll have to finish it next weekend, but things are hopeful.

This whole "my car" thing is going to take a little getting used to. Probably 500 miles back up to Tennessee.
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