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Depressed now of all times

Why do I have to get depressed now of all times. Couldn't it wait until after I get back to Tennessee. I have too much to do to be depressed right now.

I think that's my problem, actually. I have too wide of a variety of things that need done and they're all eating at me. I know I can't get most of it done any time soon yet I feel like I have commitments to it all. I also know the top priority, regardless of what commitments I feel I've made, is to the one that will pay me, and not the ones that may pay me. And especially not to the ones I know won't pay me.

Round 1: I lose.
Round 2: I lose.
Here goes round 2.

Edit: Ok, I take that back. I'm not depressed, I'm extremely pent up. I need to get out, but have neither the means nor the location. (My car is currently out of commission for long-distance (more than a mile) travel because two of the nuts and one of the lugs on the back-right wheel are screwed up, so it currently only has three nuts out of five holding it on) I don't know a single soul in this town. I lived here for 10+ years and I don't know anyone. That's sad.
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