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Well, life is like a roller coaster, complete with twists, turns, ups, and downs. It all just depends on how we take them. *shrugs*

Things with Greg aren't going as well as they could. He insists on dwelling on his problems without sharing them. I mean, come on! It's what I'm here for. For goodness sake, I want to hear his problems, to help him with them, or to just listen if there isn't anything I can do. Why won't he understand this? -_- I want to hear his woes as well as his joyous moments. I know where he is because I've been there myself, and not too long ago either. I guess I just have to do what everyone did with me... leave him be until he's ready. I wish there was another way but I can't think of it.

*sigh* Now that I've rambled on for ages I'm going to take a bath... maybe in a few minutes/hours. My hair has been driving me nuts lately, itching horribly... and no, I don't have lice. Already checked that out, it's just dry.
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