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I think it's time to find something other than my jacket to carry my personal items in. And no, I'm still not going to carry a wallet around in my back pocket.

I also wish that Adobe would hurry up with Flash 9 for Linux. I've uninstalled Flash 7 because it kept causing Firefox to bog down and crash, and since there is no Flash 8 for Linux I don't have anything to view flash videos now. This does make browsing a lot faster and less prone to crash, but it also makes it hard to watch any of these videos that members of GameHavoc posts.

I just deposited the last Summer of Code check. I'm going to call NewEgg and see what it will take to either upgrade XP on that laptop to Professional, or getting it off completely and reducing the price. Update: No. Oh well. It's still a nice laptop.

My dad loaned me three hundred dollars to get the struts on the car repaired. I got a few temporary checks while I was at the bank and have put the repayment check in today's mail.

I just got a letter in today's mail that my insurance is going to reimburse me for the eye care I paid for a few months ago, thinking they didn't. Yay. :-)

I ordered the laptop from NewEgg and it looks like I've jumped the gun. The deposit I made earlier (a couple of hours ago) hasn't been officially posted so the credit card linked directly to my account is failing. I hope that isn't the same as a check bouncing with all those charges and what-not... >.>
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