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Windows EULA. Ugh.

I just got the laptop in and am reading through the EULA during setup. I feel like the freedoms I'm used to with Linux are being sucked away the further I read.

"The SOFTWARE may not be used by more than two (2) processors at any one time on the COMPUTER, unless a higher number is indicated on the COA."

Umm, yes, because ... why did they just limit the number of processors I can put in my computer?

"If the SOFTWARE is not accompanied by HARDWARE, yhou may not use the SOFTWARE."

So, if I [accidentally] completely break my laptop and want to install XP on my desktop instead, I can't? Excuse me!?

"You may permit a maximum of five (5) computers or other electronic devices (each a "Device") to connect to the COMPUTER to utilize one or more of the following ..."

EXCUSE ME!? You're manually limiting what I can do, for no other reason than you feel like it?

"You may not rent, lease, lend or provide commerical hosting services with the SOFTWARE to others."

... aka, you must pay us to do this with another product that's not that different. You just have to pay us for more rights we took away in the first place.

"Support for SOFTWARE is not provided by MS, Microsoft Corporation, or their affiliates or subsidiaries."

So... you made a product, charged me big bucks for it, and if it messes up then I have to pay more to get you or someone else to fix a problem that your software caused?

Is this what you Windows users have been putting up with this entire time? I don't know how you stand it.

I'm very tempted to say I disagree and see what kind of refund I get for the software. Except I kind of need it to play most games.

*sigh* Fine, whatever, I've violated EULAs long before now and it's not like I won't accidentally violate this one no matter what I do.
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