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Road Trip + "Gay Pride" event

Well, it looks like I may be heading up to the Indiana / Ohio area next week. There is some sort of "gay pride" thing going on at a theme park, and I may be going with imsaguy and ashfault76. Of course me actually going is dependent on getting a place to stay the night before/after the event. I'm told ashfault76 may be able to put me up for the time, otherwise I may see if I can bum a couch off someone else. Barring that, maybe some other time.

Here's to hoping it works out. Cause this would be so neat. :-P

And now I'm off to sleep. I played racket ball with my sister and brother earlier. It was ... interesting. I'll post more information about that some other time.

Update: Whelp. Looks like a no go. Maybe some other time. =)
Update #2: romeohotel (and his roommate) has agreed to lend me the couch for the two nights.
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