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My sister's cell phone alarm - blagh

I turned my sister's cell phone off this morning. She keeps setting the alarm for bright and early in the morning, yet seven times out of ten she's in the shower or downstairs when it goes off. When her room door is open (which is almost all the time, except when she turns the hallway light off but that's another story) it wakes me up, while she has no clue it's going off. So thus this morning when it went off and woke me up when I didn't have to get up, I went into her room, opened up the phone, and held down the 'End' key until it started a nice little 'shutdown' jingle. Much better.

If she gets worried about missing phone calls then she can start worrying about waking me up in the morning too. Nine time out of ten I take my cell phone with me wherever I go, and when I don't I'm usually not away for more than a couple of minutes (bathroom) or within hearing distance (kitchen).
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