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One odd little dream (Disclaimer at bottom of entry)

Oh, that reminds me. I had an odd little dream last night / this morning. It involved vbseth and one of his friends (although I have no idea who; I just knew it was a friend). Oh, and someone else that was close to the friend and then there was spectral me floating around observing the entire thing.

I only vaguely remember certain parts, but it really was quite odd. You see, vbseth's friend had apparently claimed him as a 'servant' or some such thing. Well, along with that position came a lack of a shirt, but that's not the odd part. The odd part is that vbseth claimed to want pants from the friend / owner guy, yet he already had them. Yet the owner guy's friend said that "we [something-or-another]s don't get pants".

Yeah, by this point I'm confused and amused. Next thing I know vbseth is seductively teasing the owner-or-something guy for pants. The rest of the scene kind of fads away to be replaced by just them rubbing up against a tree. Well, err, vbseth was rubbing against the tree and the whatever-guy was rubbing against him. And of course vbseth didn't have any pants on.

I admit, I'm just a little confused and not sure I want to touch this one. But there you have it. I'm still amused, though, because throughout the entire thing I got a sense of "just having fun playing around" and nothing was really serious.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above events are a work of fiction of my mind. Any correlation between real events is purely coincidental.
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