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Car update

My car is in the shop. It was going to go in anyway to get the wheels aligned and a couple of gaskets replaced to stop some oil leaks. After a trip Sunday morning, as I pulled into the drive way, I noticed the engine temperature gauge was only a few degrees (by a circle) from the red zone and the liquid in the engine coolant container was boiling furiously and out of a couple of cracks. It was definitely going into the shop now.

My brother followed me over to the mechanic on Sunday night and I left the car there along with a spare key that had my name, number, and car information on it. I called them Monday morning about 10:30 and they said they wouldn't be able to get around to it until 1 and would call me back with an estimate. I called them back around 3 or 4 and he said he was still looking into the radiator problem. Apparently oil from the transmission or engine was probably leaking into it, causing it to have that orange-ish brown color. He said neither is good but to hope it was the transmission because it would be more expensive to fix if it was the engine. He said to call back around noon today.

I called him at 12:45 and he was out on lunch. The guy said to call back around 1:15 and he should be back by then. I called back around 1:25 and spoke with the guy that was working on my car. He said he flushed the radiator and has been driving it around a little (I assume he drove it to lunch, heh). He said I should call back about now (2:30) and he'll know more about what the problem is.

Ok, I just got off the phone with the mechanic. They're really not sure what the heck was wrong with the radiator. Their head mechanic has worked at the Toyota place for fifteen years and hasn't seen anything like this before. What they think it is likely to have been is that someone added something to the radiator and it had a bad chemical reaction to the antifreeze or something else. When they turned it on and let it sit with the radiator cap off, it boiled up a foam mushroom bubble like four inches high. The only other thing they can think it might have been is that the transmission cooling line cracked and leaked into the radiator; however, he's seen those before and it didn't look like this (foaming, etc).

Since I'm not picking it up today they're going to let it run some more this afternoon, run it around town and on the highway, and see how it's doing by tomorrow. I told him that if nothing else goes wrong I would go ahead and schedule to pick it up tomorrow afternoon around 1 or 2. That should leave enough time for me to still play racquetball with my sister tomorrow afternoon or evening. Hopefully afternoon, as I'm hoping to have other evening plans. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping nothing else goes wrong, as that would also mean it's likely to ruin my trip this weekend.
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