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A bad start back

Having this as my first actual post after being gone for nearly five days is kind of pathetic, but right now it feels appropriate for many reasons.

I die a little more inside each day.

I hung out with so many different people this weekend that make me feel stupid or inadequate that it's not funny.

Last night I remarked to my sister how everyone I met while out this weekend didn't smoke, yet everyone I've met around here smokes. She replied, "It's a sign; don't date."

LiveJournal is was just borked. It's a sign.

My sister is obsessed with this idea that I have had a crush on one of her close female (black, which she thinks would make a "great" girl for me) friends from way back when. At least ten years ago. She has brought it up virtually every time I mention a guy.

She's getting just a little annoying with that, and the snide sad comments about "searching for what you'll never find [there]"

I appear to have cut myself short financially, and underestimated how much getting my car registered would cost. I'm paid up on cell phone and car insurance this month, and have enough for next month, but not if I have to pay taxes on the car registration and especially not the next month. It looks like I'm going to have to get a part time job somewhere. Ten or twenty hours a week should cover it, I think.

Boys are plotting to move away. It's not a fun thought. Cause I know if I got involved I'd move with them in a heart beat. But that's a completely premature point at this time, cause none are interested in me nor I in them anywhere near that much.

While in Michigan, the roommate asked what kind of guys I was into. I couldn't really answer that at the time. I can give a few things, but for the most part it's easier to say what kind of guys I'm not into. I prefer short hair but medium is ok. Long hair or bald is a turn off. So are the old and mostly grayed guys. A beard / goatee is ok if it's kept trimmed. Definitely not severely overweight (under 30 BMI is mostly tolerable and under 25 is preferable). A few tattoos are acceptable. I would would prefer someone that doesn't smoke or drink, but moderate drinking and smoking (outdoors only please) are within reason.
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