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"The Window"; sore toe; 'date'

Last night I was introduced to the concept of "The Window". Apparently when you first meet someone there is a "window" that you can start a relationship in. If you don't then it's "just friends".

To explain the "sore" mood, last night while playing Racquetball with my brother and sister, I slammed into the wall trying to race across the court to get to the ball. I hurt my shoulder, which feels fine, as well as my foot. The second to last toe on my right foot is ringed with a red line now, and is kind of sore. I can still move it for the most part, but it does seem a little swollen. I showed it to my sister this morning and she insisted I get it checked out by a doctor. I now have an appointment with my doctor at 12:30 today.

I had a "date" last night (in the informal "just hanging out" definition; nothing serious). It was ok. It was by no means bad, but it wasn't as great as I could have hoped for. This is largely because it was a sort of 'forced scheduling' thing. I had Racquetball before and he had to go out with his roommate after, so we only had a few hours to hang out. I brought my brother's Chess set with me and we played a game. The only time I have been beaten worse than last night was on the Alaska cruise years ago in the tournament. >.> *le sigh*

I promise I'll write about my weekend soon. I'm just still kind of busy catching up on things from when I left and working on various projects.
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