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Wish List

Normally I don't write this kind of thing however that is usually because I don't have anything I want... Now I do and I know what it is right now so I'm taking the time to write it down for future reference.

I would like:

  • GameCube
    • Own: Animal Crossing
    • Rent: Star Fox Adventures
    • RentOwn: Mario Sunshine
  • Faster Computer
    Say, at least 1.5GHz? ^_~ heh
  • Time with my Boyfriend
    This is likely to come sooner than the others but... ya never know
    [didn't happen]
  • A Job
    Just so long as I don't have to look for it -_-'
    [EDIT: I finally have this. I'll be working at the Tinseltown Theater soon, if not already]

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