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Points of interest, cut for brevity.

Yesterday my student loan repayment schedule came in. The first payment is due in less than 8 weeks. It's only 50$ a month, but that's almost 1/4 of what I have in the bank right now. I'm not too worried about it, but it is something I will need to keep in mind.

In order to make ends meet between now and whenever I finish my contract and get paid I will need to get a part time job. I need to schedule some time to go about that this weekend. I'm thinking of trying out at the theater for the weekday evenings. Our neighbor runs the local Papa Johns so I may see if they have an inside position available (my car is turning out to be a little temperamental so I wouldn't exactly trust it to start consistently, but that's another story). There's also a computer shop at the street corner that I may check out to see what kind of work they do. Beyond that, I'm not sure. I'm definitely not working any fast food jobs, and wal-mart is out of the question (it doesn't suit my personality). Oh well, I'll deal with that in due time.

Speaking of my contract, I'm falling behind on the work. These unit tests are turning out to be a pain in the butt to set up properly and take a lot of time. Since I need to make a lot more progress than I am, at least to get the core set up, I think I'm going to skip them for the more difficult-to-setup parts (I'm not exactly sure how to make a mock object produce multiple mock objects with the unit test framework my brother and I set up last week). Oh, and I forgot to schedule time to write the database migration script in my schedule. Whoops.

I am officially considering my job as "Independent [Web Developer] Contractor". While at the hospital getting an x-ray of my toe the lady asked if I had a company name. Now I'm curious if I should make one, or just leave it in my name. I'm not sure what the legal differences and ramifications of each are. The only company name I can think of using would be "Zimmer Productions" and I'm not sure how good that would sound versus just my name.
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