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This... is not good. First my throat and now my neck.

If I were one to curse, this would definitely be one of those times. All of a sudden I can't move my neck in more than half of the normal range of motion. If I try to tilt my head to the left or even just look straight it gets really tight, although not painful, on the left side of my neck. If I continue trying to tilt left (or look straight ahead) then it does start to get painful. So right now I have my head tilted to the right and I still can't look straight ahead. I've tried to massage it and my sister has tried to massage it, but it hasn't gotten any better. I've put an icy-hot patch on the area, which is currently burning, and taken a couple of Ibuprofen, but I still can't tilt my head left or look straight ahead. *sigh*

It's Sunday. My doctor won't be in his Dyersburg office until Tuesday. On Monday he'll be at his office in Bells, which is half an hour away.

I'm kind of thinking this isn't a coincidence that my left tonsil (throat?) has been sore these last few days. Oh boy. *sighs again*
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