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An update on the neck (and throat) situation

I suppose it would be good of me to make an update on the neck situation. I meant to write this last night, but I got so tired that I just went to bed.

After I made that post I put an icy-hot patch on (well, ok, had my sister put one on), got a small neck massage from her, took two Ibuprofen, six garlic capsules, and took a hot shower during which I gave myself a deep massage on my neck. I spent about half an hour in the hot shower massaging it, and over all was about an hour or two later, but I could hold my head straight again. It still hurt to tilt it to the left much.

I made a very specific point of going to sleep on my back last night (I've been sleeping on my side to watch a movie while going to sleep). My neck still feels considerably stiff and sore towards the left, but it's not as disabling as it was. I can't say if it's actually gotten any better yet but it seems like it may have. On the plus side, though, my throat doesn't feel raw this morning so I'm going to consider that a good thing.

Well, I've only had one sleep cycle this morning and I'm feeling up for my other one now. I'm going back to bed now. G'Night.
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