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Bulleted list of thoughts

  • There are times when I have a very strong urge to hit that little X in the corner and make it all go away. If only it were that easy.
  • I don't think scixual realizes it, but I've been paying the bill for's hosting for a while now.
  • I thought about swanhart yesterday. I even nudged him to let him know. I didn't get up the motivation to bother him on Yahoo, though.
  • I cleaned up various contact lists of people I don't talk to anymore and probably won't again; LiveJournal, MySpace, AIM, MSN, Yahoo.
  • I'm about a week behind on my contract work. Somehow I've managed to force myself to work on it finally, at least.
  • "Bang bang, my baby shot me dead." I still can't stand the movie, but those words echo just because it suits my mood at the moment.
  • Some time back I wrote Pandora several suggestions in the same email. They recently, on 2006-10-12, came out with every single one of them, and more.
  • I'm getting tired of my own music library again (I only have a few hundred songs in it) so I've gone back to listening to Pandora. In Konqueror.
  • For some reason I feel that listening to "See You When You Get There" would be oddly soothing and appropriate for my mood. I'm not humoring it.
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