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That little [red] X

That little X up there in the corner looks more and more enticing every time. I'm tempted to change it to red just so I can say "That little red X".

I was going to write a few other things, but I can't be bothered. I'm freezing and I want a warm room but am stuck at the desktop until my brother goes to bed. His laptop is in the shop so I'm letting him borrow mine in the mean time. A warm body would be nice but none of those are available at the moment.

My sister brought home a flier saying the local coffee house / cafe is looking to hire a few part-time positions. I went over there and filled out an application. Personally I wouldn't hire myself based on my own application, but then there's no telling what condition any other applications may be in so it might not have been that bad. The guy said he would probably give me a call back in a couple of days.
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