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The Tennessee National Guard meets MySpace

The military seems to be rather similar to their target audience these days. Take this message and the following correspondence on for example.

Subject: Hey Russell
Body: Hey my name is Kevin and I'm with the Tennessee National Guard, just wondering if you wanted to know about some of our great benefits for college students now. Thanks for the response. [phone number]

Subject: RE: Hey Russell
Body: Yeah, I have a question. When did the military repeal the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy concerning gays?

-- Russell

Subject: RE: RE: Hey Russell
Body: About 5 years ago i believe. Thanks for your time though.

Subject: RE: RE: RE: Hey Russell
Body: It was? Funny, I don't see anything in the Wikipedia article about it being repealed.'t_ask,_don't_tell

There was a recommendation that the definition of sodomy be changed in April 2005, but that was quickly denounced. According to the statistics, it's still in full affect even today.

The closest thing to a repeal is the FORSCOM regulation in 1999 that national guard and army reserve people can't be discharged based on Don't Ask, Don't Tell if they're being sent into active duty. That doesn't mean the same thing as it being repealed or actually accepting gay members before hand.

So next time you hit the "Browse for members in this area" page looking for new recruits, I suggest you check off the Orientation option for only returning "Straight" people. Cause [while] you're obviously not asking, I'm definitely telling.

-- Russell
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