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Vehicle Registration; Money Matters

Today my vehicle title came back in the mail from the place I bought it from. I had to send it back to them to get signed because one of the two previous owners hadn't signed the title transfer to the place I had bought it from. I went to the title registration place and had them figured up how much it would cost... 271.15$. I didn't have that much. I got back home, told my brother and sister, and my sister managed to pay back 100$ of the amount she owed me.

I now have 10$ in my bank account and 9$ in my wallet. I have two weeks to come up with 125$ for my next cell phone and insurance payments. Fun fun.

Oh, and I'm getting pretty far behind on my contract work. Not good. Not good at all. Here we go again. I'm going to go sit down with my brother and work out some of the implementation details.
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